Ahmanen cotage in the wildeness space

From Ahmanen is easy to walk to good hunting grounds , it is located in the middle of nowwhere. 

Cottage Information

Rich of fish lake Ahmanen, nearby streams, rivers and ponds and lakes offers wilderness fishing spots. The yard has an outdoor sauna and outhouses , and varastoliiteri.
Cottage information Area:
Cottage 30 m2 with terraces 6 m2 , a sauna, a 10 m2. Beds: 6 beds ( 4 of which in the loft )
Rooms: Living room with kitchenette , double beds and a sleeping loft at top Heating: heater 
Equipment: Bed linen , bed linen can be rented separately Petäjä Village.

Forest lands and fishing water edge

 The water comes from a position in the sauna. Outside there is a campfire site. The beach is a boat for guests' use and storage of your own boat. 
The cottage is located close to the Näränkä wilderness space